Supporting Norfolk Schools November 2020

Supporting Norfolk Schools

Presented by CalmWater Financial Group


In November, our CalmWater Cares program was able to support Norfolk schools by making a $5,000.00 donation. Norfolk Public Schools used a portion of those funds to create “Woot Woot!” carts filled with snacks and drinks for the staff to enjoy. The Principals at each school have a cart that they can push around and offer words of encouragement, a thank you, and refreshments. CalmWater recognizes and appreciates how hard all of our teachers and school staff have worked throughout 2020 and hope everyone enjoyed a little break and some refreshments. We’ve enjoyed hearing from some of you and receiving your photos of the cart “in action”.  Other schools in Norfolk used the funds received to purchase masks, cleaning supplies and other things needed during the pandemic.  CalmWater Financial Group® appreciates all that you are doing and hopes that these items were able to lighten your load and make things a little easier for all of you who are working so hard to teach, support and keep our kids well!